International Women’s Day

Annually, March 8 marks a day of celebration and empowerment of women all over the world. It is a day that we remember our journey as women and we refocus our efforts to support one another’s journey. This year’s theme is “Press for Progress”. This is a powerful statement because it is telling to not only move towards the progress of women as a collective body but to insist that progress must be made. We need to unify, support one another and really push for systematic change. This can be done through motivating and celebrating another women. It can be done through the purposeful mentoring of women. You can help women to navigate systems and elevate themselves to higher positions. You lead organization change and suggest policies that are inclusive and support the needs of women. You can join women’s organizations that are striving to elevate women. Now is definitely the time to strive towards change for all women. In the words of Michelle Obama, “ There is no limit to what we as women can do”. Let’s Press for Progress!!

~Dr. Key


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