Busy Bee

I hate that I have not posted in such a long time. I have truly been a busy bee. I have hosed a Women’s Empowerment event at a local shelter and I spoke to the women about being a woman of valor and what that meant. I enjoyed pampering them as we focused on skin care. The women blessed me with a special prayer and I have to tell you I came out of that event stronger and more determined to build women. Here a just a few highlights of the event.

I then had the pleasure of being the key note speaker at the Strong Willed Survivors Celebration of Life Gala. I have to tell you this was a amazing experience for me. It was also a emotional time for my family and I. My father celebrated his 1 year survivor anniversary. The emotions were so fresh for us all. Everyone was in tears. The highlight of the event was my dad coming to me and saying “good job baby girl”. Here is the full speech.

Last but not least I was featured in a magazine. I had a great opportunity to share my story and just a piece of my journey. I answered many of the why? questions such as why do you uplift women and why is it important to you. Please read my full interview. I know it will bless you with some things you never knew about me. F.U.S.E.Magazine.




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